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Factory Direct Since 1972 Means Saving You $$$

Why rent when you can afford to own your own home?
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You can continue to rent but you can also pay off a home. Rent payments will never pay off a rental. Instead you will be making never ending rent payments to secure the financial future of your landlord. WHY go there?! For just about the same amount of money per month you can afford to own your own home.

Just THINK about it!!! In the time you will spend paying your landlord's rent, you could have owned a home of your own, building equity in your own financial future and not someone else's. The qualifications for a home loan are about the same as renting, so why rent?

If you think think you can't afford to buy then think again. If you can afford $600 - $700 - $800 a month in payments, then you can't afford not to buy! Simply apply what you would normally pay for rent toward your very own home!

Millions of Americans own their own home, and so can you! We can help you arrange financing for your new manufactured home!

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