Columbia Gorge Affordable Homes

Well get you settled start to finish

We can help you with your home from start to finish. Following the sale, we do it all, including delivery, set-up, and service. We provide service to all of Washington (WA) and Oregon (OR). Stop by our show lot in The Dalles and walk through our model homes. Our floor plans can be downloaded and printed.

Benefits of a land survey

An up-to-date land survey is usually required by mortgage lenders to confirm the boundaries and contents of the land they’re financing and to ensure it’s worth the funds they’re lending you.

Remember, a land survey can help you:

  • Better understand the boundaries and features of the property you’re buying
  • Avoid disputes with neighbors
  • Ensure compliance with zoning laws and regulations
  • Accurately gauge the value of your land
  • Guide you on future additions and improvements 

Land Survey


Why rent when you can own

Millions of Americans own their own homes, and so can you! For the same amount you pay each month for rent, you could be making payments toward owning your own home. Rent payments secure your landlord’s future, while  homeownership builds equity in your own financial future. 

We can help you arrange financing for your new manufactured home! The qualifications for a home loan are about the same as a rental application. If you can afford $600 – $700 – $800 a month in payments, then you can afford a manufactured home. 

Let our knowledgeable staff help you begin your journey to home ownership.

Local and statewide service

We work with a professional transport service so you dont have to.  Our professional service will pick up and deliver your home on site. 


Home Setup

From beginning to end we cover it.

Installation of your new home can involve many steps.  This comes as part of your new home purchase.  We cover septic installation, foundation, wiring and interior setup of your new home. 

Our Process :

  1. Block and level the home, making height adjustments as necessary to precisely align the floors, roof and intersecting walls. 
  2. Waterproofing check the drainage system for defects.
  3. Install gutters and downpipes.
  4. Connect to water, septic tank, and utilities.
  5. Connect to heating and ventilation ducting. Review electrical wiring, and plumbing.
  6. Complete inside drywall. Seal the marriage line (dividing line between sections) along with the ceiling and floor.
  7. Pressure test the water system and perform a power check; test appliances and smoke alarms.
  8. Install or finish the interior (carpeting/flooring).
  9. Remove trash. Cleanup the lot for new homeowner move in.

Free land survey

How can you make a decision on purchasing a home if you don’t have all the facts? Call now and have one of our trained experts come inspect your home site for free!

Let us build your next home

We are looking forward to helping you achieve the dream of owning your next home.  Before that we need to get enough information to help you with your purchase.